​​Utility Line Clearance

Line clearance personnel are trained to be efficient and will often not trim for esthetics. We make proper, appealing cuts when trimming that prized 50 year old oak in your yard. We are also trained to follow the latest ANSI standards when trimming trees from power and utitlity lines. 

Storm damage clean-up

Cleaning up after storm damage can be stressful. Call us on nights or weekends. We make this work our first priority and will provide you with a fair estimate before hand.



Pest and disease management

Trees get sick too, but they can bounce back with a little TLC. Malnourishment and pests can be controlled through chemical application. Sometimes trimming is the answer for other parasites.

Tree cabling and bracing

Keeping healthy pruning habits from a young age are a tree's best defense against limb splitting. Should your tree split at a weak crotch, we can reinforce the split without damaging the tree further, ensuring a properly healed wound.

Tree and shrub planting

Around half of trees installed will die when not planted by a professional landscaper or arborist. We have planted hundreds of trees and shrubs for customers, so whether you want something specific or maybe need some advice with your landscape vision, we can help. In addition to tree care we also provide environmental design.

Tree removal & Stump Grinding

We can dismantle trees that are hanging over houses, remove trees and roots from your front yard, or even clear cut land. Big or small, we do it all.

tree trimming okc

We also provide:

Christmas light installation
Land clearing

​Soil testing

Quality Tree Trimming in OKC at Affordable Prices!

​Red Arbor Tree Care